Month: December 2017

After finding your perfect quince dress, it’s time to find your Damas dresses. This can be a fun and exciting time as you get to dress your court and dictate what your friends wear. It can be tricky though. Finding Damas dresses that fit your theme and flatter your damas will take some effort. Here are a few things to consider and avoid drama from your damas.

1.    Budget

Each dama is responsible for buying her own dress. You want to be considerate about how much each person is able to pay. Don’t pick something that’s super expensive. There are plenty of dresses that will beautifully fit any price range.

2.    Age Appropriate

Every family is different. What your parents find acceptable, other parents might be uncomfortable allowing their daughter to wear. You don’t want something that is too short or revealing. Make sure your dresses are cute, but won’t make anyone’s parent’s eyebrows raise.

3.    Flatter your Dama’s Bodies

Find a style that will look best on each body type. It’s important that your court is comfortable in what they are wearing. If they aren’t, it will show on their faces, which means that will show in your pictures. If you can’t find something that fits each girl, consider having different dresses for each dama. They can all be the same color, but different styles. This is a growing trend that lets each dama’s beauty really shine through.

4.    Theme

Damas dresses

Your quince theme is important. You chose it for a reason. Your theme will help dictate what kind of dresses your court needs. It’ll help you narrow down color and style. It wouldn’t make sense for you to have a princess theme and your damas show up in tea length party dresses.

5.    Shop around

While you’re most likely to find the dresses at a formal wear store, you don’t have to stick to that. Look everywhere. Try vintage clothing. Go to a department store. It might not be the most traditional route, but this is about making your own traditions. Have some fun with it, and really let your personality shine through.

6.    Look Online

It’s no secret that online shopping is the easiest way to find things. Just make sure you’re buying from a reputable site. Have someone take accurate measurements of your girls so they can get the right sizes. If you’re going the online route, tell your damas well ahead of time. That way they can order early and any issues that pop up can be resolved.

7.    Trust Yourself

This day is all about you and your passage into womanhood. Don’t be afraid to be unexpected. Surprise everyone when your damas come out in full length gowns, or high-lows, instead of the traditional above the knee. Don’t be afraid of being different. You’re going to get a lot of opinions thrown at you. Ultimately, it’s your decision. Think of the pictures and ask yourself if you’ll be happy with those dresses for years to come.