Month: February 2018

I am not a vet, and so I really did not know what to do when my dog started limping around.  He had always been very active and had always liked to run around a lot, but he was suddenly struggling just to walk.  Not knowing what was wrong or what I needed to do, I took him to the vet so that the vet could look at the dog leg injury.  The vet examined my dog’s leg and determined that the pain was coming from his knee.  It was really sad hearing my dog whine every time the vet touched his knee, but I was glad that we were getting this figured out.

dog leg injury

The next step was for the vet to take an x-ray in order to see what was actually wrong with his knee.  When he came back, he showed me the x-ray and told me that there was good news and bad news.  The good news was that nothing was torn, so this was a dog leg injury that could heal without any sort of surgery.  That definitely gave me a sigh of relief, as I was not sure that I would have been able to afford to pay for surgery for my dog.  The bad news, of course, was that he had strained a ligament in his knee, and that was the why he was limping and experiencing pain.

My vet told me that he probably was just running around and twisted his knee a little bit, and that was what caused the injury.  Just like humans, these sorts of things can happen with a simple twist of the knee, and they often happen even without much physical contact with any sort of object involved.

My vet prescribed some pills to help my dog with the pain, and he also gave me a brace to put on my dog’s knee.  He said that the brace would make him more mobile while also helping the knee to heal.  After about a month, I was able to remove the brace and my dog was fine.