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Dance, dance and dance some more. Wouldn’t you love to do that? Bet you do. You’re not doing it right now because you’re quite shy. You’re also worried that you might mess up somewhere along the line. You’re scared that you’re going to wet your pants making a wrong move in front of all of those folks. Sure enough, they’re all going to be laughing at you. But so what, you’ve still got your living room, right. Clear away the coffee table and there you go, you’ve got a space to try out your dance moves. There’s the stereo, turn up the knob real loud if you please.

But he’s watching too. Just look at him smirking at you. Only now he’s not smirking, he’s tail’s swishing. It’s feeding time for crying out loud. Or in his case; meowing out loud. Very loud. What a racket. It’s very irritating, you know, even we can hear. So, here’s what you do. There’s a more discreet and proactive way you can learn how to pull off those smart moves. Learning new things has got to be fun. Call it kid’s stuff at the end of the day after you see how easy it is to pull it off. First you grab your mobile. Swipe your way to the right screen, and then you dip your finger into gaming platforms like get free instagram followers here.

Then you look up the Just Dance Now platform and there you go, your first dance lesson is about to commence. It needed no patience to find this game, because it only took a few seconds. Okay, hands up those who haven’t reached that platform yet. Let’s try this once more. Or maybe you’d better go and feed that darn cat first so you can come back here with a clear head (and conscience) and all. Don’t you just love to dance? Come on, admit it, sure you do. All kids, young and old, love to dance. And what a healthy way for kids to play mobile games these days.

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No more sitting on their butts with their heads and shoulders all crouched over. These are physical games where you’ve got to move your butt to stand a chance of winning.