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Tracy Strawberry Biography

Tracy Strawberry has a true passion to equip individuals to live out a life of freedom and purpose in Christ. Tracy is an ordained minister, traveling extensively sharing the gospel truth and the transforming power of the Word of God. Her powerful but practical systematic teachings outline the steps of how a person can achieve change and live a victorious life through the power of God and actively engaging in the process of change.

The Painful Past
After years of dysfunctional relationships, addictions and defeated living Tracy discovered her identity in Christ. “I could never break free from my behaviors or my emotions. By the time I was 30 years of age I had divorced twice, was a single mother of 3 beautiful boys but lost in a lifestyle of addiction and a host of unhealthy relationships. I was broken and lost. I was living a lifestyle of defeat that I so desperately wanted to escape. I tried everything it seemed to turn my life around and to change. Nothing seemed to work. Change began to seem impossible for me and I started to lose hope.”

The Victorious Life
One day, Tracy’s life would change dramatically. She finally surrendered to help. She found Jesus Christ, The Savior, The Healer and The Lord over her life. “I was clean and sober for a year and did not know Jesus. I was tormented by my emotions, thoughts, desires and circumstances and was on my way back into that horrible life. A Christian woman invited me to a prayer meeting and introduced me to Jesus. From that day forward I began to grow, heal and my life COMPLETELY changed. My soul has been saved, my addictions conquered, my emotions tamed and my mind trained to be a power house of successful and prosperous thoughts.” It did not happen over-night and it was not easy to change; but my entire life has truly been transformed by surrendering my entire being over to Christ and living my life according to The Word of God (The Bible).

The Purpose
I live in the Divine Healing and Transforming Power of God and have a passion to lead others into that same Power! It is my purpose, desire and passion to teach others how to overcome defeated living, live the Victorious Life and to live out their destiny in Christ.

Life Today
Tracy cherishes her family life with her husband and their 9 amazing children. As ordained ministers, Darryl and Tracy travel extensively preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to restore people back to God and for all to experience the transforming power of The Word of God (The Bible)in every area of their lives.

Tracy’s Biography

  • Autism Advocate and Speaker
  • Author/Speaker/Minister
  • Training Teens to live in the power of Christ-Next Generation of Greatness
  • President/CEO of The Darryl Strawberry Foundation
  • President/CEO of Strawberry Ministries www.strawberryministries.org
  • Founder: The Coffee House Meeting www.coffeehousemeeting.com

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